Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Update

This past week has been very hectic at work, so on Friday night I told Shane I needed him to take me on a date. :) He was very sweet and gave me a hug and off to Olive Garden we went.

Saturday morning I elected to be very lazy and watch TV and cuddle with Rocky. When Shane woke up we took the dogs on a walk and saw a neighbor I met at a cookie swap a few months back. They invited us over later that night for a bonfire. I went grocery shopping while Shane studied and did a few things around the house, and then we headed to the neighbors to hang out. We had a great time with them.

I spent Sunday morning cleaning and let Shane sleep in until 11:30. He has been under the weather, so I knew he could use some extra sleep. When he woke up he helped by vacuuming the whole house and doing the laundry. We also helped me get all of the food ready for the Taco Bar. We had several family members over to celebrate some March birthdays. It was so fun to spend time with one another. We laughed and shared stories. I filled a basket with toys, stickers and coloring books for Rowan to play with. She liked her stickers a lot! She walked around showing everyone a printed out picture of Makenzie. She loves her cousin so much! When it was time for dessert, I told her she could have a little of each of the 3 pies and some cookie cake, but she asked for carrots and a banana instead. How weird is that?!

By the time everyone left, we were so tired. We relaxed and watched TV the rest of the evening until it was time for bed.

Lazy Saturday snuggles

Date night

Birthday celebration

My sweet Rowan

She is so great at coloring in the lines.

Recently, David hear her sing "Whoomp There It Is" while going potty, and she tore up a dollar bill to make it fit into her ninja turtle piggy bank! Hahaha! 

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