Monday, March 17, 2014

Girl's Weekend

I LOVE spending time with my girlfriends, and the longer we go without seeing each other the more we crave a girl’s weekend! Last weekend we all got together to celebrate Ashley’s 25th birthday, and we. had. a. blast!

Friday night everyone met at my house and Shane dropped us off at a local bar. We had a great time witnessing Ashley cross things off of her “25 things to do” list! We finished the night off right with a trip to Taco Bell. The next day I found a 10 minute video on my phone. Apparently, I accidentally set on my phone and started recording a video as we were going through the drive-thru, so we now have audio of the entire ride home. All I can say is Shane is a saint for driving us around town. 5 girls packed into a Prius… bless his heart!

Saturday morning I made breakfast for everyone and then we started to get ready to drive to Rome to check into our hotel. 3 of us were able to get tickets to the sold-out Sam Hunt concert. Sam stayed at our same hotel and he heard that one of our girls didn't have a ticket. He came by our hotel room to personally apologize that he couldn't get us one more ticket. While he was in our room, I showed him the sign of things that Ashley had to complete and asked him to pick one and Lord help us, he sang “Happy Birthday” to her right there on the spot.

We went to a local Mexican place for drinks and dinner before going to the concert. While we were at the concert I met a few people from Philly and New York, and Shane and I plan to meet up with them during our road trip this summer! 

We had such an incredible time. Between the eventful weekend festivities and the time change this past week has been very exhausting, but it was all worth it. We are already planning our next girl’s weekend!

Friday night before heading to Mazzy's

I was so glad Mali could join us!

Sam freakin' Hunt. He was so nice and humble.

Dwarf house.

Walking to the concert. 

Front row baby!! 

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