Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 is off to a great start! Shane and I have thoroughly enjoyed the short work weeks and long weekend the past two weeks.

This past weekend was filled with binge watching Netflix, sleeping late, cuddling with the doggies, spending time with friends and we sprinkled in a few productive errands and chores. 

Shane was off work on New Year's Eve, so he got a few things done around the house and worked out before I got home from work. 

We had a blast ringing in 2016 with our neighbors! I was so glad I was able to stay awake until midnight --- sad but true! 

New Year's Day was nothing but cuddling and Netflix. I love lazy days, but Shane can hardly sit still for more than 5 minutes so I was glad he was able to chill with me all day! 

Yon stopped by that evening, and I swear no one on the face of this Earth can make Shane laugh the way he laughs with Yon. Shane has a contagious laugh, and Yon can send Shane to tears with his humor. 

They watched football, played with flashlights and learned how to do some fancy bar lace on Shane's new kicks --- none of which was entertaining for me but it was amusing nonetheless. Every time we hang out with Yon I am reminded of our college days when the three of us hung out all the time. 
We had a blast, and I am glad we have all stayed in touch!

I tried a few new recipes this weekend. I have never made homemade cookies before, and I think I did pretty good. Shane really loved them! It was nice to spend the afternoon cooking Shane a nice dinner. 

On Saturday morning we went to Starbucks and shopping while I was getting my oil changed and that night, we enjoyed a few drinks by the fire with Nikki and Danny. 

Sunday was the perfect combination of productive and relaxing.  

I am going to work out with Nikki this evening before Shane and I go on our weekly date night. I was telling a co-worker today that we have gone on a date every week since we got married and they were shocked! I know we won't always have the ability to go on dates as often as we do now, but I will always be thankful for the fact that we make quality time with one another a priority. 

I hope y'all are enjoying the new year so far! We have some fun plans this month, so stay tuned! 

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