Monday, February 17, 2014

Barn Door

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Shane’s father, so when I hear someone mention his name or share a story my ears always perk up! When I see a picture, I sit in awe of their resemblance. Recently, Shane and I went to his mom’s property to get some wood for Shane to chop for fires. We went to an old barn in the middle of the property to look for an axe, and I found the most amazing treasure.

I have been to this barn once or twice before. We actually used a barn door for our southern style wedding décor. However, I had no idea that Shane’s dad actually built the doors. I figured he was handy… afterall, Shane had to have learned from someone, right?

[This was the door from our wedding]

We had a pallet above our fireplace before, and as soon as I saw the dutch horse stall door, I knew the pallet had to go. Shane asked his mom if we could have the door, and I was so thrilled when she agreed. Now we have a piece of Mr. Pat in the center of our home. 

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